Volunteer Program

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The Biscayne Bay Alliance is a network of volunteers and organizations dedicated to protecting South Florida’s waterways. Volunteers participate in water quality monitoring, waterway and neighborhood clean-ups, native plantings and coastal habitat restoration projects.

Water Quality Monitoring

Citizens for a Better South Florida has teamed up with FIU’s Our Rivers and Coastal Ocean lab to involve South Florida residents in protecting and enhancing the water quality of the Bay. Community volunteers help monitor water quality in canals feeding Biscayne Bay and within the Bay itself. The project uses state-of-the-art water testing protocols, augmenting and complementing water monitoring currently under way by the South Florida Water Management District and Miami-Dade County’s Dept. of Environmental Resources Management.

Test results are compiled and analyzed to determine pollution and its possible sources. Alliance members use this information to take further action to raise awareness, initiate cleanups, and work with public agencies to continue improving the health of the Bay.

Fishing Line Recycling

The fishing line recycling program is a statewide program to encourage recycling of fishing line through a network of line recycling bins, drop-off locations and volunteer clean-ups. Citizens for a Better South Florida is partnering with the Florida Sea Grant Extension Office and the Tropical Audubon Society to increase the number of bins along our waterways and encourage more volunteer involvement.

Coastal Restoration Projects

Volunteers can also join native plantings, biodiversity monitoring projects and coastal restoration projects. Citizens for a Better South Florida is currently working with the City of Miami to remove exotic plants and restore native coastal habitat on Virginia Key.