Things To Do in Biscayne Bay

Biscayne Bay is packed full of activities and fun that will suit anyone’s taste from the business traveler who might only have one afternoon open for some leisure time to the family on a week long holiday. South Florida and specifically Miami is one of the world’s premier travel destinations and offers travelers a wide array of choices for local cuisines, breathtaking scenery, watersports of all kinds, historical sites, shopping and much more.

The area is full of world class hotels, five-star resorts and a choice of restaurants that will hold its own against any other city on the entire globe. The destination is popular because of its flexibility to meet the needs of so many different types of travelers and each section of Miami offers something just a little different from the next. The views of the water from the side of Biscayne Bay by the marina are simply incredible and you should be sure to take a camera with plenty of memory cards for your trip.

Whether you enjoy activities that are a little more laid back and casual like guided tours or high energy activities such deep sea fishing, you will find it all at your fingertips in Biscayne Bay.

The Top Things To Do in Biscayne Bay

Restaurants and Local Cuisine

Miami offers some of the best food and restaurants in the entire world and the Biscayne Bay area in particular is no exception. The area is packed full of restaurants with local and international selections that are among the best you are likely to ever have throughout your travels. Most of the restaurants do not have a strict dress code as even if they are upscale they participate in the laid back atmosphere that keeps people coming back to Florida year after year.

The selections for dining are too vast to list them all but below are several of the local choices in or close to Biscayne Bay that are rated very highly by travelers and locals alike. They offer a range cuisine and obviously because of the location some of the freshest seafood you can find on the planet. However, most have selections for everyone’s taste buds such as burgers, steaks and pasta dishes that are many times just as incredible as the seafood.

Casablanca on the Bay

Casablanca on the Bay serves some of the freshest and tastiest seafood in all of Miami. The restaurant is actually a fish market and restaurant combination that sits directly on Biscayne Bay overlooking the marina with amazing views of the water and surrounding area.

Travelers come from all around the world to experience the seafood creations of Casablanca and professional chef’s as well as media types have been known to visit this world-renowned restaurant as well. The menu consists mainly of seafood dishes but they also serve breakfast, pasta dishes and good ole American burgers. The location and ambiance make it a perfect place for a family outing or a romantic dinner for two.

The Rusty Pelican

The Rusty Pelican is located in Key Biscayne and offers amazing views and food that is even more amazing. The menu is centered seafood but the restaurant adds its own Latin flair to many of the dishes and they have a nice selection of steaks and contemporary American dishes as well.

The combination of its location, excellent food and spectacular service cannot be beaten. It is just six miles away from the Marriott Biscayne Bay on 95 in Key Biscayne and it is rated by many websites as the number one restaurant in Key Biscayne. If you find yourself in Biscayne Bay or at Key Biscayne, the Rusty Pelican should be on your short list of places to eat at.

The Capital Grille

The Capital Grille sits just a few miles away from the marina at Biscayne Bay and offers some of the most delicious steaks you will ever have. Its menu is designed with an original steakhouse in mind but they have something for everyone from local seafood favorites to tasty appetizers that everyone will enjoy. While the Capital Grille only got its start a few years ago is a favorite in many cities across the United States and the quality of food is always top notch. If you enjoy a good steak and like the whole steakhouse experience then you won’t be disappointed with a visit to this restaurant.

Golfing Venues

South Florida is famous for its many golfing venues and they are not just any regular golf courses. Many of the available courses in Biscayne Bay and the surrounding area are some of the finest in the world. Golfers from all around the world come to enjoy Florida golf and the excellent weather of the sunshine state.

Crandon Golf Course at Key Biscayne

Crandon Golf Course is a championship level course that is surrounded by scenic water views in a tropical paradise style setting. It is considered one of the best public 18-hole courses in the entire United States and it will challenge your golfing skills as rigorously as any other course you have played. They offer tee times up to five days before your arrival and it is best to book early as they usually have a full list of people looking to experience the well-known course. They offer rentals, golfing lessons and a full array of facilities to help you enjoy your time at Crandon.

Miami Beach Golf Club

This course has been open since 1923 and is one the premier courses accessible to the public in the Miami area. They can make accommodations for large corporate events and they also take can arrange a full tournament if that is what you require. The course offers a full range of clinics, lessons, rentals and facilities for your golf outing be it big or small.

Doral Park Golf Course and Country Club

Doral Park is just fifteen miles away from Biscayne Bay and offers a fabulous par 71, 18-hole course that spans over 6,500 yards long in total. The property also has a driving range and can handle groups for large corporate events or small gatherings that are simply friendly golf outings. Rentals are available as well lessons on-site.

Sightseeing, Tours and South Florida Fun

City Sightseeing Miami

City Sightseeing offers a wide range of tours around the city of Miami, the surrounding areas and even offer tours as far away as Orlando. They can help you book a ride on a jet boat, see the everglades aboard an airboat, take a jungle island tour and much more. They also offer tours of the city itself and a large number of different packages that let you choose the destinations and type of tour you want to take.

Everglades Airboat and Wildlife Tour

This tour shows you the amazing sights of the everglades and the incredible wildlife that lurks in places rarely seen by visitors or locals. They supply a pickup and drop off service for most of the hotels in the area and you will enjoy a scenic tour as well as amazing show. If you are one of the lucky guests you may even get to hold a baby alligator in your hands!

Watersports and Fun on Biscayne Bay

Bayside Flyboard

Flyboarding is one of the most exhilarating activities you can find on the water and tons of fun for the whole family. The jet packs or flyboards are propelled by air and water, allowing you the ability to shoot over the water and through the air at amazing speeds. If you want to try something new and find out what it feels like to walk and fly on water, then check out Bayside Flyboard on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami. It is sure to be an experience you will not soon forget.

Jet Boat Miami

Looking to get the adrenaline pumping? Then perhaps Jet Boat Miami is the right fit for an afternoon of fun. This unconventional tour of Miami will thrill and excite you, as a speed boat races you along the Biscayne Bay shoreline allowing you to see all the wonderful sights of Miami Beach. But remember to hold on because the boat doesn’t slow down and it will twist and turn when you least expect it just to keep things interesting. This type is no doubt for those who are a bit daring and out to get their blood pumping but it can be a very fun way to see Miami from a totally different perspective. If you are looking for an exciting time out on the water then this is one ride you don’t want to miss.

Deep Sea Fishing Charters

There are a number of deep sea fishing charters available in the Miami area and specifically Biscayne Bay. They offer a wide range of outings from half-day outings to full day tours with expert captains that know the waters of Biscayne Bay and the ocean that surrounds South Florida. Deep sea fishing is an excellent way to spend the day with friends or family and is a once in a lifetime experience for many. Most charter services will provide drinks, a lunch and all the gear needed for a full day out on the water.

There are many different types of fish you go after while deep sea fishing in South Florida and the area is known for luring in some of the biggest fish in the world. Sailfish, swordfish, sharks, marlin and barracuda’s are just a few of the popular species that fishermen seek in the waters of Biscayne Bay and South Florida.


A holiday wouldn’t be complete without a little shopping and Biscayne Bay has something for everyone at a wide variety of shopping venues. One of the most popular shopping spots in Biscayne Bay is the Bayside Marketplace.

Bayside Marketplace Mall is huge setting with over one hundred and ten stores with everything from world-class cosmetics and fashion to fitness products and electronics. The mall also has a wide range of full-service restaurants that are sure to satisfy your taste buds. American favorites like Chili’s, Hooters, and even a Hard Rock Café are available, but they also offer other choices as well such as the Largo Seafood Grill and the Mambo Cafe.

The fact that Biscayne Bay sits right next to the arts and entertainment districts of Miami, means there are shopping possibilities almost everywhere. If a large mall with well-known designer names is not your style, then wandering around the arts district might be. Visiting several retailers just off the side streets is sure to help you find something unique. There are many stores that carry handmade goods with a Cuban and Latin style that you see influencing the ambiance of the entire Miami area.

Biscayne Bay is packed with all kinds of tours, activities and food that will make your business trip or vacation an experience you will not forget. If you enjoy the slow beach life and just need a few days to unwind, then Biscayne Bay is the perfect place to be in the lap of luxury and enjoy until you heart is content.

However, the destination is just as excellent as a business destination with more than enough things to do and see to support a large convention or your corporate event. Just keep in mind, a week or two won’t be enough to explore all Biscayne Bay has to offer as there are far too many options to experience them in that short period of time. Of course, that means you will have to return several more times to discover all the excitement you didn’t find the first time around.